• Target Audience

    Target Audience

    The target audience of the translation will defer to the audience of the original text. The original text is aimed at a Spanish speaking audience who possibly already have some insight on the topic and are familiar with the terminology.  I will adapt the translation to my target audience. My translation would be intended for an audience who are studying Spanish or music for e.g., students who want to familiarise themselves with Spanish artists and their music. As Well as people interested in Spanish culture. Also, those who already admire Rosalía and her music. The translation could be published as an online article in the UK version of the GQ magazine. However, I do not intend to maintain the focus on solely male readers but both female and male. Hence why the translation would be published on the NME website as it is an English speaking music and culture news site that is easily accessible. 

    I created three personas to reflect my target audience and keep them in mind when translating.

    NameRose O’BrienNicole SheehanJohn Smith
    ProfessionUndergraduate UndergraduateUniversity Professor
    EducationBA InternationalFinal year MusicBA Hispanic studies/ Ma Education
    FamilyOnly childEldest sisterFather of 4 
    HobbiesLanguages, Travel, Spanish cultureSinging, dance Current events/ Spanish culture
    Work ExperienceTutor for secondary school studentLead singer of a bandTeaching English in Spain
    PersonalityOutgoing, Open mindedCurious, ConfidentTalkative, Opinionated
    Why do they need the translation?Familiarise themselves with and further knowledge on Spain’s current most known artist as well as the culture Reference for their music projectTo educate students on a current topic
    How will they use it? Broaden knowledge of Spanish culture and Music ahead of their year abroad in SpainTo learn about and research topic of Flamenco over the years To develop students’ knowledge surrounding the topic of culture appropriation