• Translation Approach

    At first, the source text may appear not so challenging to translate due to its format, an interview with quite simple language, direct quotations, song names and celebrity names. However, there are many things to consider when hoping to achieve a successful translation. There were many aspects that I did not even think of when I first read through the text such as was the author from Spain or Latin America? As this could alter word choice or meaning. The fact that this is a men’s magazine, is this obvious in the text? Who is and who will be the target audience? It is vital to research each aspect of the text, particularly references that may be unfamiliar to English speakers and to myself so that I get a better understanding of the text. Parts of the original text also require prior knowledge on the topic of Flamenco to understand the argument. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be to translate a text and make it sound natural in English, however also keeping in mind my target audience, the level of knowledge they may have on this topic but most importantly not affecting the meaning of the original text. 

    Before I started the translation, I ensured that I had researched enough on this topic, particularly the references to Flamenco and Spanish singers mentioned in the text that I have not heard of previously. As well as that I highlighted terms I would have to give a further explanation on and words or sentences that I had difficulty with. I chose to provide footnotes for those terms to ensure an optimised reading experience. 

    While I was reading through several articles on this topic of Rosalía and her controversy I came across an English translation of some parts of the interview. However, I took this as an opportunity to see how different translations can be and at the end when I compared my own translation to the one, I found I realised why it is important to do research and understand the text rather than translate word for word in order to produce a translation that is adequate in English.