• Introduction


    The text I will be translating is an article published in the music section of the GQ magazine website about Spanish singer Rosalía. This article deals with the criticism that Spain’s globally known singer “Rosalía” has received in regard to her “Appropriation of flamenco and Latin cultures” and her response to this backlash. To begin with, I wanted to choose a topic that I have an interest in and has a connection to Spanish culture. Therefore, I decided to research articles about Rosalía and her unique music style and connections to flamenco.  I have chosen this text not only because I’ve been listening to Rosalía’s music for a few years now and I grew an interest in Spanish speaking songs from listening to her but also because she is from Barcelona, and I had the opportunity to spend my Erasmus year there. I also find it interesting how she takes the traditional culture and mixes it with her innovative ideas to bring to a new generation. I believe that in this way she educates others and has a cultural impact on the music industry. As Madrid-based women’s magazine Telva put it, Rosalía is “the latest great patron of contemporary flamenco”. I took this article as an opportunity to educate others about her redefinition of flamenco and culture, in particular an audience who may be interested in her music or those who wish to learn more about the culture. However, I will talk about this in a later section.